Out About Town: We didn't do much away from the house today. All of the kids were home due to their 5-day weekend, so that made the chiro appointment for my wife and me this morning a little more stressful. It went fine; we definitely look forward to it. We needed to stop at Target for a return and were able to see my sister-in-law on her break. We went out for a pizza buffet lunch, and then came home to play a video game. Breakfast and dinner were not the normal fare, so hopefully we made the day a little more special than normal. Although my wife always gets the kids a Valentine's Day shirt and some candy or some other small gift, I wanted to try and make the day about spending time together. As I'm sure it has been easy to tell, I always seem to have a lot I want to do and actually do on top of working a lot of hours at The Place That Pays Me. I felt the best gift that I could give them was my time and attention. I didn't want to plan out a big day but to keep it as stress-free and fluid as possible. No friction. Just fun. I'm sure the day COULD have been better, but I tried.

Present Situation: My wife is working on getting The Toddler to sleep, and the older two kids have apparently been allowed to stay up later than normal. They are currently watching computer simulated marble runs on YouTube. I have learned that this is a thing. I don't get it, but I'm old(er), so yeah. My wife still needs to get a run in, and I know she wants to do more than a mile. Hopefully, The Toddler will drift off soon. I'd love to get caught up on another one of our shows tonight. I feel as though that may be pushing into sleep too much, though. Last night, we were able to get caught up on How to Get Away With Murder. That show keeps those twists coming.

You don't have to put on the red light.

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