Thumbs UP—Good Job! I'd like to commend our school district for resisting the urge to call off school this week. I'm sure it was difficult, knowing that there was a 5-day weekend coming up. The brave people in the Twin Cities metro of Minnesota drove slowly through snow. We did it! Despite the snow and the temps but due to its infrequency, Angry Winter has not been declared.

Ready Player... FINALLY: It feels like a great accomplishment to finish a movie in my house—especially a 2 hour and 20 minute one. We thoroughly enjoyed this movie, but I can't help but think that I would have enjoyed it more in one sitting. The Toddler fell asleep next to me not too long into our viewing, which was probably the reason why it went so well this time around. We capped off the movie by watching some movie trailers with the the older two kids on our AppleTV before sending them to bed. We tested the waters a bit by playing a couple horror movie trailers, The new Pet Sematary and on YouTube the trailer for the 1970's The Shining. My son covered his ears and eyes as far as we know. Our daughter has been getting a little cocky on what she feels "isn't actually scary." Being the nice guy I am, we watched some more tame trailers as palette cleansers before actually calling it quits. I wasn't too worried considering they are both mildly obsessed with Five Night's at Freddys, even though it freaks them out.

Present Situation: All of the kids are in bed. I don't have to work tomorrow. My plan? Cake and ice cream. Stepping some of those calories off. Watching TV. I don't know what show(s), but I assume it will be whatever we need to watch to avoid being locked out of episodes. It feels like so long that I've watched something that wasn't a cartoon for The Toddler.

My wife and I have also now hit 200 team miles for our Run The Year challenge.

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