The Year In Steps: 1,385,200 steps thus far in 2019

Ready Player... Wait... I'm not quite ready: We started the movie Ready Player One tonight. I was thinking it was a standard 1 hour and 30 minutes, but it turns out to be a 2 hour and 20 minute movie. We're liking it so far. The Toddler was excited at first, because it turns out that I did a pretty good job of selling the concept to him. The kids like video games. Check. They like watching other people play video games. Check. He started to lose interest after about 45 minutes. I'll give him credit, though. He kept asking legit questions, but I had to try to explain to him that watching the movie would answer them. I hope that it won't take until next week to finish it, but knowing how things go around here, it will be.

Present Situation: This week turned out to be about as productive as I expected it to be. I guess that's good. My expectations were in decent alignment with reality. That's not always as easy as it may sound. Today in particular was a hella productive day—LOVED it. Long days at The Place That Pays Me start back up tomorrow, and I'll even be working OT on Monday. It's going to be a long, droning month but with a tangible payoff. It snowed a lot today. It feels like we have a real winter now. Yeah, weather. Hey—do you know why kids leave so much toothpaste in the sink when they're done brushing? Do they even get any in their mouths?

I picked this gem out a few weeks ago when my wife and I were shopping. We don't have much decor in our upstairs bathroom and this spoke to me and the direction I'd like to take it. My wife and my neighbor, both graphic designers, don't like the part where it says, "BE NEAT & TIDY," because it looks like "BE & NEAT TIDY." That is now my favorite part to the sign. I also thought the kids would get amusement out of the "NO DIVING" warning, but I was wrong.

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