The Works: This week has been incredibly busy with all of the things that don't fit into the things I would talk about under this heading thing. In fact, I'm starting to wonder how much I'll be able to do for the remainder of the month. Basically, it's because of how much overtime I'm working. We'll see. I won't have a new or refurbished post coming out tomorrow, but that doesn't mean there won't be any activity on any of my social feeds. I hope to move forward on something for Graham Sedam Writes next week, even if it's writing that goes towards a future post.

Recent Link I've Enjoyed: Until I read this article, I had never thought about the act of a reading plan to the extremes that the author of this article has. This year is actually the first year (technically started planning it towards the end of last year) that I've put more than a passing thought into what book I would read after the one I was currently reading. If you've read my GSW post outlining my 2019 goals, you know that I have the next 2 books chosen beyond the one I'm currently reading. I'm still mulling on what I'll pick for my 4th. Perhaps, I should go further than that and make a list, albeit malleable? I do like the ideas the author presents and the concept of reading swaths of a certain type of book, such as presidential bios, for example. Why You Need a Reading Plan

Present Situation: The Toddler keeps getting better and he took a good nap today. So, I guess I'll finish up here and spend some time with him. Today wasn't too bad, but I definitely need a day off tomorrow. I've heard there's a snowstorm coming and the school is already threatening another shutdown. I'm not so sure that any weather that has happened this week can be considered Angry Winter material. Tomorrow may change that. I will be looking out of my windows, massaging my chin, making the judgements, and those judgements shall be final and true.

Angry Winter has me thinking of warmer times.

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