Kids Action Go! My oldest son and I attended the last karate class of the session tonight. Next week will start a new session. The whole class did the test we were supposed to do last week but was cancelled due to Angry Winter. Each session also ends with the kids sitting in a circle and sparring. I always sit out on those as I feel it would be silly for me to spar with small children. Maybe not. My daughter had her first band concert tonight. Thankfully, karate and the concert happened in the same building, because karate ended exactly when the concert began. She DOES seem to be a bit of a natural, as she has seemed to have picked up the trombone well. It was a 30 minute concert—a first for probably all of the kids involved.

Goals For The Week: I mentioned in Sunday's note two days ago that my expectations for the week were low, realistic, and focused. As far as MY extracurriculars are concerned, those activities that are above and beyond my responsibilities and weekly chores, I have 4 or 5 things I'd like to focus on. Working more at The Place That Pays Me this week means that I have more reading opportunities in the morning before I leave my house. Stretching and running are a daily must to keep from getting sore and to keep up my run streak. Though I've missed 4 days of notes in the last 58 days, I still do my best to keep it a daily practice. Lastly, I'm hoping to have time to drum on Thursday, even if only for 30 minutes. Thursday is my one day off this week.

Present Situation: I was all set and ready to write my note last night, but The Toddler needed me more. He was having a hard time sleeping due to an infection. We didn't know it was an infection until my wife took him to the doctor today. Medicine has been acquired and he's already doing better. Right now, my wife is getting a run in and The Toddler is overtired and "watching" TV. He's been making the production of this note a bit difficult. So, I'll wrap up and give him some attention.

A car... made out of wood? Okay, sure.

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