Run Streak: Day 231!

Run The Year: As I stated in Note 052, I ran 69.5 miles in January. In February to date, I've run 4.5 miles. For the past week ending today, I've run 19.3 miles—my highest mileage week this year and of all time that I know of. I've run a total of 74 miles for the year. Where should I be given my need for an average of 2.75 miles per day to hit my ultimate goal of 1,009.5 for the year? I should be at 93.5 miles. Ironically, 19.3 miles divided by 7 days is 2.757 miles per day. I guess I'll have to keep increasing my mileage gradually. *Numbers. Numbers. Grumble. Numbers.*

Present Situation: I'll need to shower soon and get to bed. No TV tonight. I have to work tomorrow and pretty much all week. My expectations for the week are somewhat low and very very focused. Maybe I shouldn't say that my expectations are low as much as they are realistic and focused. I'll have more to say about that tomorrow, I'm sure. Today was a busy day and I expect the week will keep a semi-frantic pace. Real-World Adversity Training 101.

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