NSFW: I was joking with my wife that I should try and end the month of January with 69 running miles. She chuckled and rolled her eyes as I told her that I was going to 69 January. Real mature, right? I actually forgot about it a couple days later when I put in 3 miles on 01/31 and ended up with 69.5 running miles for January. I think it still counts.

Shadow Driver: The Toddler recently got into an altercation of sorts with his shadow. A few nights ago, my wife and I heard him in the living room while we were in the kitchen. He kept saying in a strange voice, "Are you talking to me?" There were variations of that phrase and others as he continued on with the confrontation. He would also slap the wall periodically and then quickly switch roles and act out the part of the shadow, howling from his hand slapping the wall.

Present Situation: I may have stayed up a hair too late last night, and I'm feeling the tired now. My wife is only going to run a mile on the treadmill tonight, so it looks like there's a good chance we'll finish the episode of How to Get Away with Murder that we started last night. It was a good day all in all; no snafus that I can recall. It appears that Angry Winter left and now it is clearly springtime.

Yep, today was totally bearable.

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