Thumbs UP—Good Time! I don't plan when I'm going to skip a daily note, but yesterday was a day where it came down to choosing sleep over writing one. It was what I call a "nickel and dime" day, where I stay consistently busy doing this and that, and even though those things need to get done, it also doesn't necessarily feel like much has been accomplished. The kids still had Angry Winter homework assignments from their teachers which still required some parental prodding. I was able to get some blog promo work done in the morning and drummed for 40 minutes in the afternoon, so that was good.

Game Night! Last night we all played a couple of games: Jumanji and Prime Climb. Jumanji is based on the movie, and it was the first time since I received it at Christmas that we played it. Everyone works together to get through the game, but there's still a winner. Prime Climb is a math game and math at night is hazardous to me. I know myself well enough to know not to do heavy mental lifting at night. There's a reason why I like to watch TV and surf the net at this time of day. I guess I do write these notes, but maybe I'm best served writing these in a loopy state?

Present Situation: Today at The Place That Pays Me was an "adversity day" as I like to call it. I knew going in that it was going to be busier than normal for me with plenty of reasons to get bent out of shape along the way. I went into it with the right attitude and the day turned out to be not so bad. I let it roll off of me like I was teflon. (I sooo want to link to a non-existent video from The League.) It was an opportunity to rise above the difficult to be better in the long run. Something like that. Is Angry Winter over now?

I'm kind of disappointed the game didn't come to life.

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