Celebration? It appears that I've now hit the 50th post for Notes.gs! Does it mean anything? Not really. It does mean that I've put out one of these daily posts for 50 of the last 52 days straight.

The Works: I wasn't terribly productive in this area today, but I did do a tiny bit of writing for a future Graham Sedam Writes post—about 4 modest paragraphs. I also fit in 30 minutes of drumming. I started out playing along to the pre-programmed songs in the electronic kit's brain, since it had been a while and I didn't feel like starting up my music computer and any other setup that went with it to play along to anything else. I finished up my drum session with some more work on figuring out what tempo I want that darn-tootin' song I'm working on to be.

Thumbs UP—Good Time! Day 3 of Angry Winter. We haven't left the house. We will start eating the kids soon. We have plenty of food; it's not about a lack. We may be driven to eat them if they continue to make the parentals insane. This is part of the reason I didn't get too far with The Works today. We would've loved to have done fun stuff with them, but alas, their teachers have given them assignments for Angry Winter and that means my wife and I must also be involved at various points of the day and for unknown amounts of time. I did make it outside tonight to take the trash bin to the street. I didn't really think it was too bad at first, but by the time I got back to the front door, my lungs were starting to freeze, and it made breathing more difficult. It made my wife and I ponder about the effect of the cold vacuum of space on a person. Oh, and my wife and I are still looking for The Toddler's chocolate milk that he lost this morning... Does cottage cheese come in chocolate?

Present Situation: The Toddler was a tough one to get to sleep tonight. He had made it to "the point beyond tired," which is a scary place. We would have probably been better off to put him to bed earlier, but one can't always know these things before it's too late. We finished the first season of 3Below tonight with the kids and anxiously await the second season. Now, my wife and I will step competitively while we figure out what to watch. We caught up on some "live" shows last night, How to Get Away with Murder and Fresh Off the Boat, so that they didn't get locked before we watch them.

Never judge a day by its sunshine.
Photo Credit: Christine Sedam

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