Out About Town: Actually, no. That was a trick. I did not leave the house all day because I had no reason to. Angry Winter is out there and my house is climate controlled. I'm hearing that it has been colder in Minnesota than in Antarctica.

The Works: I did some blog work today. I shared my 2018 goals wrap-up post on Facebook again for those who may have missed it and would like to read it. I updated all of the post footers that I have included at the bottom of all of the posts that I've published, except for those from the Electric Feast era (time capsules). Lastly, I refurbished a post to share this coming Thursday.

Thumbs Up—Good Time! We let the two older kids stay up to watch some TV while my wife and I traded off various duties with an end goal of getting The Toddler to sleep. Afterward, the rest of us watched another episode of 3Below. We were going to play the game Pling Pong today, but we all had things to attend to and didn't. Hopefully, things will go differently tomorrow and we'll fit it in. The kids' teachers have given them assignments to do at home this week since they are missing school due to the aforementioned Angry Winter. Technology, eh? So, that is what part of their day was spent on and will also be spent on tomorrow.  My wife and I watched the most recent episode of SNL hosted by Rachel Brosnahan last night. Maybe it was because we had a break from the show for a month or so, but we both felt it was a pretty funny episode—plenty of laughs.

Mileage Mayhem: On my way to the treadmill this afternoon, The Toddler handed me his Rocky plush toy (from the show Paw Patrol) and wanted me to take it with. He insisted on it, so I told him that I would let Rocky watch me run. I guess it was a good idea! I ran 5 miles today—more mileage in one run than I've had since last September. I've got some miles to make up and this run certainly helped.

Will the evil masterminds behind Paw Patrol ever stop creating new toys?

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