The Year In Steps: 987,155 steps so far. I'll break 1 mil tomorrow for sure! I love challenges.

Children Of The Snow: All of the people around the metro area I live in who may also be reading this will already know, but today was a not very snowy snow day for the kids. In fact, it looks as though they won't be going back to school until Thursday at the earliest because of the bitter cold swooping in. It's not a HUGE deal, I guess, but it will certainly make the normal routine my wife and I have gotten used to more... cumbersome. Oh, well. We shall carry on. Everything that needed to be done was done. The kids were able to play some video games. My daughter accompanied me to a couple grocery stores and a fruitless trip to Batteries Plus this morning. It was great to spend some time with just her and converse. We also let the kids stay up a little later and that allowed us to get 2 episodes of 3Below in.

Present Situation: The wife just completed her run on the treadmill. I'll get this note tidied up. (Tidied doesn't look right. Isn't it strange, those words that are correctly spelled but just don't look right? But, alas, it is.) I almost fell asleep with The Toddler, but I'd love to watch a little of something on the TV with my wife after she gets out of the shower. Maniac is always a good option, but I don't know what other shows we need to catch up on either.

Only 5 inches? (That's what she said!)

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