Run Streak: Day 224!

Run The Year: This past week, Monday through Sunday, has been my highest mileage week this year. Ever? I don't know. But, I DO know that I ran 16.5 miles. And, that brings my month/year total to 54.7 miles. I miscalculated how much I was behind last week... whoops. I multiplied the days of the year that had already passed by 2.25 instead of 2.75 and that means I'm 19.55 miles behind where I should be if I were to run a consistent amount every day to hit 1,009.5 for the year. I'll get there. Math lesson over.

Present Situation: It's late, and I need to get a shower in. I'm tired and ready for bed. It was a good weekend. It went well, really, all around. Tomorrow will be another day I look forward to conquering. I am grateful for many things and having tomorrow off from work is certainly one of them! I'm working a lot of overtime next week, and so I'm certainly looking to make the most of this one. And... now my kids are off from school tomorrow because of weather. Which means, they might not make it to school all week considering what the Weather Sayers have been predicting with their snow globes. Fear. Panic. Can adults get out of going to work that easy? Please?

I was a super kid for my birthday last autumn.

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