Water Consumption: My daily average so far for the year is 78.6 ounces. I'm doing a great job of keeping ahead of my minimum goal of 64 ounces.

Recent Link I've Enjoyed: I have read on this similar subject from different outlets and they say the same thing. Basically, pay attention to your body's natural rhythms and follow them or suffer the consequences. (Yeah, I get it. No one's going to tell you how to live! Good luck with that.) To burn the most calories, it helps to heed the clock

The Works: I wasn't able to start working on the new post for GSW I have coming out tomorrow until after lunch. I also spent more time on it than I had originally planned on. While I didn't do a complete and total rewrite, I did spend a lot of time rearranging sentences and rewriting. Ever since I walked away from it yesterday, I felt like it was a jumble of thoughts in a haphazard sequence. I'm happy with it now, but I didn't end up having time to drum. Maybe tomorrow? I'd love to dig into something else musical, like working on a song or figuring out where I'm at with all of that. We'll see what the family's agenda is first, because drums always seem easier to fit in.

Present Situation: I was really hoping the whole family would be able to watch the Netflix show 3Below: Tales of Arcadia tonight. We're a handful of episodes in, and we haven't watched it in over a week. It's an animated series that is the second installment of Guillermo del Toro's Tales of Arcadia trilogy. You may remember me talking about the first installment we watched called Trollhunters: Tales of Arcadia. At the present moment, The Toddler had a nap while running an errand with my wife, so he's at the TV's helm currently watching YouTube. He is Mr. Independent, and he knows his way around. I'll finish up this note then mess around on social for a bit while I step and watch YouTube with The Toddler. My wife will be on the treadmill any minute now... She did read my new post for GSW tomorrow. She's a good copyeditor. Fingers crossed we'll watch Maniac before the night is over.

Get it? Chili... Chilly... Get it?

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