The Works—Writing: This morning, I published the new post I've been talking about this week. The R&D Workshop No.10 Give it a read if you can tear yourself away from a life of memes.

The Works—Music: I was also able to work on music for at least 4 hours today. It was enough to clear the small amount of time debt that I've collected for my 2019 goal of spending 60 minutes or more per week doing work in the studio. I worked on a song that's been in my head for a few years. It's a song for a music project that is so far song-less—aural ocean. I'm still working out what tempo it needs to be while also figuring out the bass guitar melody and general drum arrangement. So, it was fun bouncing around between instruments while also getting more acquainted with Cubase 9. I used to use Cubase 4, so it's not a completely new system for me. Also, I'm trying out a different approach(es) in how I work with the software. More in the future. I wrote a little about my computer issues and the transition to Cubase 9 in this R&D No.6 update.

Present Situation: The Toddler had a late afternoon nap. He needed it. So now, while I write this note, he's firing up an episode of My Little Pony. I'm looking forward to getting some snuggles in with him before bed, before the long work weekend begins. My wife and I didn't watch Maniac last night and it looks like we won't tonight either. Such is life. We DID watch 2 episodes of 3Below with all of the kids, so that was nice. I never intended this section to turn into the TV section, but hey, it's what's on my mind at this time of day. Meh

Never seen a dog drive into town, have you? He's our local Uber.

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