The Works: I spent a good portion of the day working on the new Graham Sedam Writes post coming out on Thursday. It will be the 10th edition of my blog feature The R&D Workshop. In it, I follow up on an initiative from No.9, and I dive into a process that I've been developing and working through for almost a year. I have some more to finish up on with the post tomorrow, and I hope to have time to drum afterward.

Kid Activities: Had karate tonight. It's getting close to the end of this session. Next week will be the end-of-session test that we practiced tonight. The Girl Scouts are changing up a lot of things connected with cookie sales this year. We can "pre-sale" which means we can start selling them without having the physical cookies. I'm not excited about that change because it means that the cookie season is almost three weeks longer.

Present Situation: My wife and I have been watching the Netflix show Maniac, and we are on the fifth episode. I like it. It has an odd and mysterious vibe to it that I can only compare to LOST. The shows are really not alike, but there's a certain vein or sliver that gives me the same feeling. I suppose it doesn't help that the timeline during Maniac jumps between present and past and drug-induced dream states. We should only watch one as I do have a work meeting in the morning tomorrow. Must get good sleep. Remember?

Aww, yeah. Just a couple of dudes steppin' and computin'!

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