The Year In Steps: I've managed to get in a total of 732,179 steps so far this year... and counting.

Solo Mission: The two oldest kids and I finished Solo tonight, finally. I liked it, though, I'm not an incredibly fussy, nitpicking, critical, hard-to-please movie watcher. I'd look up why other people hated it so much, but why waste my time? Some Star Wars people seem easy to offend. Sure, there are movies that I don't like, but anyone can find fault with anything and there will always be those people who do. I wouldn't mind watching it again with my wife at some point, because she's only seen the first 40 minutes.

Goal For The Week: While I do have many things I want to complete and accomplish this week, this most recent bout of sickness (that I'm still trying to shake off) has been a punch-the-face reminder. I ask a lot of my brain and body everyday and the least I can do is to regularly get a decent night's sleep. I really have no excuses. Unfortunately, those pesky tickles in my throat have me coughing when I initially try and fall asleep. My wife is thankful for the spare bedroom in the basement.

Present Situation: All 3 kids were in bed at 7:30 PM. It may not seem like much to you, but it always feels like I have a whole other part of the day to live—like a more than 24 hours in a day kind of feeling. Hopefully, something worthwhile will come of it. I, of course, have my note. I think my wife is going to run. I wish she'd hurry up and get it done. I'd like to watch something before it gets late. I have a coworker who said something years ago that I could really relate to. All of the shows that I really want to watch are generally ones my wife and I watch together, so if I were to watch TV by myself, I'm likely to not watch something terribly worthwhile to me. So, I might as well do something else when I actually really feel like watching TV.

"Dad, which one of these opens the secret door?"
"We'll find it eventually, son. It's got to be one of these keys."

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