Run Streak: Day 217

Run The Year: I'm at 38.2 running miles for January. While this amount of mileage is certainly an accomplishment in its own right, I'm technically behind where I should be at this point in the year in regards to my goal. If I were on target to reach 1,009.5 miles by 01/01/20, I would need to have 45 miles logged by the end of today. I'm not worried. My daily average is up from the time period between my last 5k in September until the end of the year, so as far as I'm concerned, I'm increasing my mileage responsibly.

The Elephant In My Notes: So, I didn't get a note in yesterday, breaking my daily note streak at a nice round 40. I'm totally cool with it. It was a good day, a fun day, even if I wasn't 100%. (I'll write more about this day forthcoming.) Perhaps I'll make it beyond 40 this go-around, or who cares? Right? Maybe I'll only pay attention to and point out that I've only missed one day in the last X amount of days. It's about what we CHOOSE to focus on.

Present Situation: I wish I could say that I'm over being sick, but its still holding on for its dear life. How can I blame it? We all want a host to suck the life out of... right? Hello? Anybody? Psst. You're just being modest. Anyway, the kids are off tomorrow for MLK Jr Day and so that will be... Yep. I will still have my normal Monday things to do. They won't do themselves. I suppose I should get a shower in and sleep.

"You can lick it. Go ahead. It won't hurt you," said the salesman.

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