The Works: I spent a decent portion of my free time today writing for my next NEW blog post at Graham Sedam Writes. Yes, you are correct. I know that this is a blog, too. Two different beasts, they are. If it's getting published on Thursday, I'll have to finish it tomorrow. That is the goal. I've been thinking about the post for the last few months, so the words have been flowing out of me pretty easily. Still, it takes time to get it to the point of being ready to hit the publish button.

Karate: Karate started back up tonight. We've been gone for three weeks due to the holidays. My son earned his Elbow Set ribbon for completing the set of moves by himself in front of the class.

Present Situation:  It's been an okay day. Other than what I've already wrote about, a highlight of the day would certainly be getting delivery of my Bose Soundlink Revolve. It was one of the gifts I got to choose because of the milestone I hit last November—20 years at The Place That Pays Me To Show Up—aka work. The wife will have it figured out before I do. So, what now? I have to be in to work in the morning for a meeting. I won't be there too long, but I will also have to get up early. Some quick TV and then bed?

Yet another device in my house that will play music, BUT it IS my first Bose.

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