Goal For The Week: While I'm not necessarily happy with my progress for this week's goal, I have been able to work on setting up a good foundation to work from. I explain a wee bit about this goal in Note 080. I'm not quite done with this "foundation" as I have been working on this from home and have thus served at the pleasure of the family's whims. I also went into The Place That Pays Me this morning, so at best, I would have had time this afternoon. Not so much. It's a good thing I was able to get started yesterday. My brain works best when I feel organized and that's what I've been working on right now. Sorting through and organizing files and notes (not Notes) and creating spreadsheets to track, organize, and plan. Sure, one could see this as stalling or delaying the inevitable or just being pointless, but I know what I need to do right now—build a foundation. There comes a time now and then when a cleansing must be done, a reorganization, a perspective refreshened. I'm being somewhat vague on purpose. If there's anything I want to say beyond my general daily or weekly activities in these regards, I will.

Karate went well. My oldest son was able to help another kid work on Coordination Set, which will earn that kid a ribbon if performed correctly. My son had expressed interest to me in helping the other kids in class as some do. I told him that he should. The teacher (sensei) asked him to help yesterday, and so I literally gave him a nudge. It was a proud moment for me. Hopefully, he'll learn how to be a better karate student from this and perhaps have more teaching experiences.

Present Situation: I'm looking forward to another binge-y type of TV night. I was able to get The Toddler to sleep. I don't know if my method was sound but it consisted of wrestling and horseplay followed by pajamas, teeth brushing, and book stories about underwear and going potty. He was already tired before the tomfoolery, and I figured a little more exertion wouldn't hurt. My wife wasn't home, and she's always against this type of activity at bedtime as she's worried about the dreaded "overtired" or "the great and grave winding up of the rage monster." Perhaps I'm on to something. Studies show that children do better in life when they roughhouse with Dad. I think I can handle that.

I have now reached and surpassed 200 INDIVIDUAL miles for 2019.

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