Goal For The Week: Other than the normal domestics and my goal habits, I am going to try and wrap my head around what the unique big picture of my specific life is. A few days to figure out life? Yeah, not happening. Getting a good jump on the direction I want to aim my trajectory and hashing out some details on how to get there. Totally doable. I don't know how easy it'll be to get some needed feedback from my wife during this process, because, well, it has to work for US. I think about this stuff all of the time but always in between doing other things and interruptions but also never really doing the deep work any of it needs to become a reality. What it comes down to is that while The Place That Pays Me has treated me well monetarily for the last 20 years, it makes me miserable to think about being there for another 30 and not pursuing anything that drives me. (I plan on working until I'm at least 70 years old.) I want more. I want different.

Present Situation: The wife and I are ecstatic that all of the kids are sleeping and it's so early. Both of our runs are done, and I'm knocking out this note. I've mentioned it plenty that we are super behind on TV shows. Well, if all goes right, we'll be binging a bit.

Meet Poopy Butt Chicken. The Toddler fell in love with this chick at the grocery store. It hops around when you wind it up. Well, it did until he loved it too much. Then, he was ready—actually insistent the rest of today—to throw it away. I won't let him, though.

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