Karate: That I am aware of, there are three classes for kids to participate in: beginner, returning, and advanced. Kids spend one session in the beginner class as a 1st degree white belt. I'm not exactly sure when they go to the advanced class, but it seems to be after purple belt. My son (and I, technically) is a 2nd degree orange belt. Every session, we have 2nd degree white belts joining. I was wondering when/if this day would come, but in this session, we are working on a set of moves called Coordination Set that we have already learned and earned a ribbon for. I had already forgotten how to do it but quickly remembered once we started going through it in class. I think it's good to go through it again as if I were a beginner and work on doing the moves with even better form etc this time around. This is what I am trying to impress upon my son.

Present Situation: Another day at The Place That Pays Me lead into coming home and hurriedly getting things done to be able to go to karate and be ready for another day of being at The Place That Pays Me tomorrow. I was able to stretch, get a 3 mile run in, and cut all of the hairs on my head off before dinner, before karate. The day has been a success as far as accomplishing what was on the proverbial plate. One more day of overtime and then I get a day off. I'm not so sure I can call it a day off as much as know that I won't be at The Place That Pays Me. Another slow and mostly nonexistent week as far as the writing and music is concerned, and if I can't work on those, any pie-in-the-sky plans are left to swirl in my brain and fester. Now to finish up and spend time with The Toddler before bed. Maybe a couple of Girl Scout cookies, too.

Every year since we've been together, between February 1-14, my wife makes and gives me these little pieces of paper. They are often accompanied by some type of related "gift." Our family keeps getting busier, and so she was able to make me 6 this year.

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