Order In The Fort: What a day. It has been busy tackling a variety of chores and tasks. One of the things we did was buy plastic storage totes and cubed shelves to organize our family's stuff better. Some more of that business will be coming in the short term. It's January—post Christmas presents—and that's always a good time to go through the kids' rooms and the rest of the house to evaluate things. It's all a part of that calendar page turning.

Run The Year: I ran 3 miles this evening, bringing our mileage to 10. Whatever my wife runs tonight will add to that. Tomorrow, I celebrate a big milestone.

Present Situation: What's on the agenda tonight? I still haven't taken my post run shower, since I figured it would be a good idea to feed the family dinner. My wife is getting her run in now... on the treadmill. She might not want me to say that on the INTERNET, where our outdoor running fanatic friends might see this. We never got to that YouTube video last night, so I still want to watch that. I mentioned it, and she whined that she wanted to watch Vikings. It's hard to argue with that, but it's not my fault she just HAD to tear my daughter's closet apart today. That wasn't part of the day's agenda. Tomorrow will come too fast.

Uncle Zeke: I heard y'all were looking for a fort?
Film Location Scout: Um, that's a... castle. 
Uncle Zeke: Close enough, right? And what about that finder's fee?
Film Location Scout: Yeah, I guess it'll work.

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